Is Napping Good For You?

While many think of napping as something lazy people do, research tells us that napping regularly helps productive people stay healthy and be more vibrant. The National Sleep Foundation tells us to see napping as a mini-vacation within our day.

3 common types of naps:

  • Emergency napping — in a situation where alertness matters, like driving or operating dangerous machinery, never push past the need to grab a power nap.
  • Planned napping — protect time in your schedule for a nap that will promote your highest functioning, even if you are not sleepy embrace the moment for intentional rest when it arrives.
  • Habitual or daily napping — create a routine and nap on a predictable schedule each day.

The perfect time for napping is between noon and 3 PM, for 15-30 minutes, and setting a timer can ensure you don’t oversleep. Read more details in the source article HERE.

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