The resources listed on this page are primarily links to other organizations that have resources posted.  At the end of the list are the programs being offered by OPICA Adult Day Program & Counseling Center, Inc.  We hope you find this information helpful.



  1. Meals on Wheels Resource Guide –

This is a document that shows Meals on Wheels programs by City Zip Code.

  1. Critical Delivery Service –

Services include:  groceries delivery, vital necessities & household items.

This is a new government-funded program reaching out to people over 60 OR disabled OR dependent adults age 18-59.



  1. Information about Covid-19 and Older Adults (in Spanish)



  1. All Together LA

Grocery & Meal Delivery

Errands (pick up medications at pharmacy, etc.)

Resources in Los Angeles (Meals on Wheels, etc.)

Telephone Reassurance


  1. Alzheimer’s Association

Education information on caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s Disease during Covid-19.


  1. Alzheimer’s Los Angeles

Activities to do at home

Support Groups

Covid-19 Updates

Educational Programs

  1. Alzheimer’s Disease Resource Center –

Caregiving in a Time of Corona Virus (article)


  1. Alzheimer’s Foundation of America

Educational and recreational activity webinars.  Specific dates.  See website for more information.


  1. AARP

How Caregivers Can Feel Calm and Competent During the Pandemic

Preparing Caregivers During Covid-19


  1. Caregiver Action Networkhttps://caregiveractionorg/covid-19

Family Caregiving Tips

Caregiver Help Desk Hotline


  1. Harvard Health Publications

Caregiver’s Handbook and online courses through Harvard Health Publications.


  1. Health Professions Press

Dementia Care at a Distance:  Activities and Educational Programs


  1. UCSF Family Caregiver Webinar Series

See website for calendar of programs – topics and dates



            POLST  (Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment)


Frequently asked questions   content/uploads/2014/08/2014POLST_FAQ_Consumers.pdf



OPICA Adult Day Program & Counseling Center –

∴  Programs requiring enrollment and for which there is a participation fee:

        ∴  Mini OPICA Brain Train

A two-hour telehealth program for early memory loss participants offered Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  For more information, email

      ∴     Caregiver Support Groups

A listing of the support groups is available on the website under the SERVICES menu bar.  These programs are being offered via Zoom and there is a fee for this program.  For more information, email

   ∴       Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is being offered via telephone or Zoom.  There is a fee for this program.  For more information, email


Virtual Programs for some of your favorite day program groups (Spirit Builders, Storytelling and Nisei) is COMING SOON! For more information, email