Why Choose Us / Testimonials

         Why Choose Us

  • Customized for an individual’s emotional, cognitive and physical needs
  • 1:5 ratio of staff to attendees
  • Expertise critical for memory loss care
  • Provides valuable respite for family caregivers 

“It’s been about a month and even though there’s some reluctance in the mornings before our OPICA days, everything about my dad is better when I pick him up after a day in the center versus leaving him alone at home even for a few hours.”

– Susan

“Dr. Chen, Mannie’s doctor, said she has never seen him looking so good.  Last time he was depressed, there was a heaviness to him and a pall in his eye.  She said he looks so bright, so happy. And she attributes it, as do I, to OPICA .”

– Rose

“Mannie loves looking forward to OZ every day. It’s a

life saver for him and me. He’s made friends and it keeps him connected.” 

– Rose

“Wishing everyone at OPICA safety and stability in this extended season of uncertainty.
Our Family is so grateful for the care, kindness and guidance you gave us especially for my mom. What could have been a lonely, daunting journey with Alzheimer’s was made bearable and often times joyful with your support.
To Sara, Sonya, Juan, Rosa and Liz – you made mom feel special.”

– Suanne

“Thank you Mary!  It was so nice to talk with you; wish you the best and thanking you for all you do.  Opica has been a miracle for us and I believe it has extended Ken’s life as well as made his quality of life and cognition so much higher.”


“OPICA has taken expert care of my father as well as
keeping me informed about his progress.”


“Thanks for sending these documents.  Being able to log in today made a big difference in Susan’s and my day.  It was lovely to look on from a distance from part of the time too.  I’ll say again what you have heard me say before, that OPICA is a blessing for us and without a doubt many others as well.”


“OPICA was able to bring out the hidden artist and dancer that we didn’t know existed.  We will forever be grateful for all that was done to make our dad’s time at OPICA a place where he could express himself and be happy”

-Debi and Danielle

“Your kindness and compassion made such a difference for my father.  He looked forward to attending OPICA and participating in all of the activities.  His last months and days were spent in the finest atmosphere where he felt safe, cared for and loved.”


“You brought so much joy to Harvey in these last years of his life.  You helped him discover new aspects of himself both he and I hadn’t known.  Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for being such a wonderful and positive part of his life these last years.”


“Thank you for all of your help and support.  My mom is such a happier person now and that’s because of OPICA!  We truly appreciate everyone.  We love you all.”


“My mom, blessedly, passed away at 80 in September.  OPICA gave her a real quality of life – and as a result helped my quality of life.  Another thing that had a huge positive impact on me is my weekly support group.  I still attend the meetings.  My group has become so close and we all support each other deeply on an emotional level.”


OPICA offers respite care but for me it’s desperate care because I don’t know what I would do with my mother if I didn’t have OPICA.”

– Violette                             

I am pleased to support and recognize OPICA Adult Day Program and Counseling Center as an Adult Day Program of distinction.

David B. Reuben, M.D
Director, UCLA Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Program 

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