As a Marriage and Family Counseling training site, OPICA offers our trainees a wide range of clinical opportunities, training, and experiences with client centered advocacy. OPICA offers both in person and virtual training experiences.  

Clinical (client face to face) opportunities include:

  • Working directly (In person) with members in the moderate to late stage of dementia and other neurocognitive issues.
  • In person engagement includes reminiscence therapy, Art therapy, music therapy and other modalities.
  • Individual Counseling (in person and virtual) for members in the early stages of memory loss, dementia and other neurocognitive issues.
  • Co-facilitation of in person “breakout” engagement and support groups for members.
  • Co- facilitation of virtual caregiver support groups.
  • Co-facilitation of virtual engagement and support groups for members. (from early to moderate stage)
  • Caregiver “check ins” and Individual Counseling

Additional Non-clinical experiences include:

  • High Quality Supervision
  • Case Management opportunities
  • Program/content development
  • Training opportunities


  • Trainees must be enrolled in a qualified graduate MFT program.  OPICA must be an approved training site for the school.
  • Trainees must pass a livescan for both virtual and in person training.
  • In person Trainees must provide proof of TB clearance, and COVID19 vaccination*.
  • Trainees must commit to a minimum of 8 hours per week, for a minimum term of 6 months.
  • There is a $50 per month fee, which covers supervision costs.

For more information about clinical training, email

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