In Tune                                                           An artistic depiction of a journey to OPICA                   CBS Pipeline Challenge

AFA’s Alzheimer’s & Caregiving Conference                   Mary Michlovich

OPICA – Who We Are

Baking At OPICA

OPICA About Us

OPICA Reopens After  Almost 2-Years

Don & Kellye OPICA Journey

2022 Forget-Me-Not Luncheon

OPICA – Art – Dance

2021OPICA Virtual Luncheon – entire event

Dr. David Reuben introduces Mary Bomba

Mary Bomba 2021 Forget-Me-Not Luncheon Honoree

OPICA 2021 Luncheon Slide Show


Cheryl on OZ

OPICA Wiz of Oz

2021 Art Show

2020 OPICA Art Show Zoom

2020 OPICA Art Show Slide/Video

Mondo Cozmo filmed at OPICA with Anna Faris

Professor Fernando Torres-Gil Introducing                Shadee Giurgius

Shadee Giurgius accepting 2000 Founders’ Award

Malou & Mostafa – Summertime at OPICA

Katherine Rose Introducing Nihal Satyadev

Nihal Satyadev accepting 2000 Founders’ Award

A Moment at OPICA

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