Can Brain Training Exercises Really Prevent Dementia?

According to the Time Magazine, it can.

As part of their “100 New Scientific Discoveries of 2016” article, Time Magazine sheds light on a decade-long study that evaluated the impact of a brain training exercise on dementia.

The ACTIVE  study is the largest study on cognitive training ever performed, with 2,832 participants aged 65 or older, across six sites, all funded by the National Institutes of Health. The study demonstrates the effectiveness of the cognitive exercise Double Decision at improving cognitive abilities and decreasing cognitive decline by more than 35% compared to the control group.

At the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in July 2016, ACTIVE researchers declared that findings “shown a significantly lower incidence of dementia — 33 percent less — compared to the control group.”

Available in the BrainHQ brain training platform, see how this simple digital “game” works in this brief video…

For more information, read the full article by Alzheimer’s News Today.


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