Happiness Is a State of Mind

The challenges of caring for someone with memory loss are constant, often depleting much of our energy. While research shows that self-care is necessary, most of us fail to actively seek opportunities to create moments of joy.

We hope to encourage you to make a change! A moment that puts a smile on your face really does replenish energy and wellbeing. Research proves that five minutes of intentional joy leads to feelings that linger all day.  Here are four ways you can create more joyful moments for yourself and others:

Add time to your schedule

Set an alarm for the same time every day and then honor this time for yourself. Keeping a regular practice makes it more likely to become a part of your routine.

Connect with loved ones

Reach out, call or text, email or send a card. Engage with the ones you love, encourage something you think they are doing right, be grateful for something they give you. Connection is a reliable source of joy, invest often.

Daydream on Purpose

We experience joy from memories and thoughts that hold meaning for us. Reminisce on purpose, ponder joyful times, look at photos, collect inspirational quotes, or journal about gratitude. If you remember joy it will revisit you.

Recognize joyful moments

Joy is ever present if we seek to embrace it. The weather, the time of day, a meal, a smile, can all bring us a moment of joy. When is the last time you listened to birds sing? Go slower, be present, and let the joy around you sink in.


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