80-year-old man lands record deal…

Did I mention that he has Alzheimer’s?

Ted McDermott was recently signed to Decca Records when a shocking video of him singing in a car went viral. The video was recorded by his son Simon, who noticed that singing actually helped his father cope with his Alzheimer’s.

McDermott, like most with Alzheimer’s, has his day-to-day difficulties, but is surprisingly able to remember multiple songs. The epic video of McDermott and his son singing “Quando Quando Quando” caught the eye of a Decca Records executive producer Alexander Van Ingen, who later signed McDermott to his first single “Make Me Feel So Young” originally recorded by Frank Sinatra, due to release later this year.

A percentage of the proceeds from the single will directed to the Alzheimer’s Society. McDermott’s son Simon posted the below video online in hopes of increasing awareness about the Alzheimer’s Society, he says the record deal is “a dream come true.” His efforts have certainly encouraged the entire community of people living with dementia.

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