Reliable Inspirational Support for Early Alzheimer’s

OPICA’s Brain Train for Early Memory Loss provides support for individuals experiencing mild cognitive decline, including early Alzheimer’s. This weekly four-hour program is designed to fortify memory and stimulate overall wellbeing.

Program components are designed to help individuals find healthy ways to cope with their emotions, learn techniques to support memory, enhance creativity and provide opportunities for friendship. Each class session is led by a member of our multi-disciplinary team and includes activities like Yoga For The Brain™ and Open Art Studio.

A support group for family caregivers offered concurrently provides peer-to-peer support, a greater understanding of dementia and specific care management strategies.

For more than 35 years OPICA Adult Day Program and Counseling Center has provided a comprehensive set of programs and services to meet the needs of families throughout all stages of memory loss, contributing to an overall improved quality of life for client’s and their loved ones.

OPICA delivers select programs, including Brain Train, at several Los Angeles locations as an educational and outreach service for the community, click HERE for more information.


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