OPICA Ladies’ Needlework Lounge

The OPICA Ladies’ Needlework Lounge held their first open house to show off their handiwork this December, just in time for the Holidays. Registered Art Therapist, Jessica Edelstein who facilitates the group shared, “The ladies gather joyfully together around the table every Friday, crafting and sharing stories as women have done for centuries, whether by quilting, knitting, crocheting, doing embroidery or needlepoint.”

Those that may no longer be able to craft, enjoy “supervising” the activities and joining in the conversation and human connections being formed. The members have become good friends and support each other’s efforts and enjoy sharing a meal together after working on their projects.

The holiday open house was the first time they have invited the whole OPICA community in behind their closed doors to see their work in progress. As a special gift, the ladies were each given a new personalized tote bag to keep their projects in. The day was such a success, they are already planning another open house for the spring!

At OPICA’s Adult Day Program, we provide a comprehensive set of activities that are tailored to an individual’s impairment level and the needs of their families throughout all stages of memory loss. We provide a broad range of socially and intellectually engaging activities that provide cognitive stimulation, dignity, and enjoyment for dementia clients.

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