Caffeine, Memory & Dementia Prevention

Indiana University released findings that caffeine does boost enzyme production, and may protect against dementia.

The enzyme at the center of this focused research is NMNAT2 which has been found to be helpful in two roles within the brain: it plays a protective function by combating misfolds in proteins that result in “plaques” and provides a buffer from stress for neurons, keeping them healthier longer. Increasing the production of this enzyme has perceivable benefits that the researchers are excited to understand.

“This work could help advance efforts to develop drugs that increase levels of this enzyme in the brain, creating a chemical ‘blockade’ against the debilitating effects of neurodegenerative disorders,” said lead researcher Hui-Chen Lu. Lu’s team screened over 1,280 compounds, using a method developed in her lab, and found 24 compounds that have the potential to increase the production of NMNAT2 in the brain.

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