November is National Family Caregivers’ Month

And this year’s theme, “Caregiving Around the Clock,” a time to recognize, support, and empower family caregivers.

It’s easy to feel isolated or stressed as a family caregiver at times. Many caregivers say they have difficulty balancing providing care for a loved one on top of meeting the demands of work and family. That’s why it’s important for caregivers to share their story to remind themselves that they are not alone.

Every caregiver has a unique story, and every story has the power to touch the lives of family members, loved ones, friends, coworkers, and the greater community. During National Caregivers Month, it’s time to not only celebrate caregivers for the work they do, but listen to their stories, struggles, and triumphs.

For this year’s national Caregivers Month, ask a caregiver you know to share their story with you.  To send the special caregiver you know a tribute card in appreciation of all they do, click here.


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