In 2011, the OPICA Board of Directors established the OPICA Advisory Council, to expand OPICA’s visibility in the community, serve as a cadre of trusted advisors for Board and staff, and support community collaboration.

The Council comprises a broadly representative group of professional community leaders and supporters, including leaders in fields related to aging and dementia, senior service professionals, attorneys specializing in estate planning and elder care issues, and fund raising experts.

Their involvement benefits OPICA by: enhancing the knowledge of the Board of Directors; advising staff on programs, client services, and grant development; and providing educational programs for family members, staff and the community.

Advisory Council members are:

  • Sally Vasen Alter
  • Teresa Bond
  • Michael Broida
  • Eric Bruck
  • Ann Bryce
  • Rabbi Ken Chasen
  • Sheila Goldman
  • Noah Hass-Cohen
  • Barbara Hament
  • Frumeh Labow

  • Terry Magady
  • Janet Morris
  • Susan Pomerantz
  • Dr. Daniel Plotkin
  • Gail Santucci
  • Michael States
  • Marty Stevens-Heebner
  • Ranlyn Tilley Hill
  • Paul Wishingrad
  • Diane Wolf