Why Do Savvy CAREgivers Utilize Respite Services?

For people who are challenged with memory loss, and for those who care for them, days are long and full of needs. Savvy caregivers understand that it is particularly important that they take regular breaks from care obligations to allow for recuperation, relaxation and stress relief. Respite services provide family CAREgivers a well-deserved reprieve, along with […]

Bite-sized Self-CARE Tips for CAREgivers

It is a clear known fact that CAREgiver burnout is real, and can lead to feeling overwhelmed, overworked, undernourished, and emotionally exhausted. It is equally clear that the regular practice of self-care replenishes the spirit and helps prevent burnout. But many self-care practices take time and resources that most of us just don’t have. Well, […]

The Best Dementia CAREgiver Phrases to Use

Dementia Specialist, Teepa Snow, understands the importance of words and phrases for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. She regularly produces videos to help CAREgivers understand why word choice is so important within dementia relationships. We can easily take for granted how difficult the realities are for a person with dementia, and when we care enough to choose our […]

Caffeine, Memory & Dementia Prevention

Indiana University released findings that caffeine does boost enzyme production, and may protect against dementia. The enzyme at the center of this focused research is NMNAT2 which has been found to be helpful in two roles within the brain: it plays a protective function by combating misfolds in proteins that result in “plaques” and provides a […]

Alzheimer’s Disease… Understand The Current STATS

The 2017 ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE FACTS AND FIGURES are in… Alzheimer’s disease is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States and remains the only top 10 cause of death that cannot be prevented, cured or even slowed. According to it is estimated that 5.5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s dementia. 33% of […]

A Lifeline, Not a Luxury

Getting older has its benifits—senior discounts. You can see a movie for $10, ride the new metro for 75 cents and take any number of classes at the local community senior center for a minimal fee. Now that you are eligible for Medicare, visits to your doctor, medical tests, preventive health care and admittance to […]


There are symptoms that can identify the onset of Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. These 10 Signs demonstrate a slow decline in memory, thinking, and reasoning skills and may indicate the need for evaluation by a medical provider. 1. MEMORY LOSS THAT DISRUPTS DAILY LIFE 2. CHALLENGES IN PLANNING OR SOLVING PROBLEMS 3. DIFFICULTY […]

Dementia Speaks: Are We Listening?

Far too many dementia clients have vivid ideas and desires but are unable to express them verbally. For the millions of Americans suffering from Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, communication is a challenge. The simple beauty of interpersonal expression that we often take for granted gradually becomes impossible as the parts of the brain […]

Is Napping Good For You?

While many think of napping as something lazy people do, research tells us that napping regularly helps productive people stay healthy and be more vibrant. The National Sleep Foundation tells us to see napping as a mini-vacation within our day. 3 common types of naps: Emergency napping — in a situation where alertness matters, like driving or operating […]

Can Brain Training Exercises Really Prevent Dementia?

According to the Time Magazine, it can. As part of their “100 New Scientific Discoveries of 2016” article, Time Magazine sheds light on a decade-long study that evaluated the impact of a brain training exercise on dementia. The ACTIVE  study is the largest study on cognitive training ever performed, with 2,832 participants aged 65 or […]