The Facts About Cognitive Stimulation Therapy

If you can’t remember where you left your keys, join the crowd.  If you can’t remember what your keys are for, that’s another story. There’s a prevailing misconception that Dementia is a normal part of aging – but it isn’t. Not a specific disease, dementia is a group of conditions characterized by impairment of at […]

Look Into My Eyes – Detecting Early Signs of Alzheimer’s

Romantics say that you can see a person’s soul by looking into his or her eyes. Apparently, you also can see whether they eventually will develop Alzheimer’s disease.The same biomarkers that accumulate in the brain — proteins called beta-amyloids that clump together into sticky “plaque” that are the signs of Alzheimer’s disease — appear in […]

Focus on Creating Positive Emotions More Than Memories

Everyone loves to celebrate a birthday – even those with dementia can enjoy it. If someone has trouble with short-term memory, they’re apt to quickly forget the “party.” At OPICA our focus is to create a simple celebration that produces a positive and happy vibe. Positive emotions can linger for days in someone with dementia, […]

From Memory to Imagination

Storytelling is one of the most ancient forms of communication — it is how we learn about the world. It turns out that for people with dementia, storytelling can be therapeutic. It can give people who don’t communicate well an alternative way to communicate, using an activity that sparks memories, encourages verbalization and promotes self-esteem […]

Hiring In-Home Help

Soothing Frustration for People with Dementia

All of us, including those with dementia, have a desire to maintain control over our lives. For people with dementia, this desire becomes increasingly difficult to navigate and often leads to frustration and anger. As CAREgivers we have the potential to comfort frustration in our loved ones. Understanding a few facts about dementia will contribute […]

7 iPad Apps for Dementia Clients

People with dementia can often make great use of touchscreen devices like iPads. Many “Apps” for these devices involve tactile and very simple to use interactions to play games and engage in activities that support memory. We thought it would be helpful to introduce you to a few… they really can change the quantity and […]

Managing Aggressive Behaviors in People with Dementia

It is essential that families understand why aggression in people with dementia arises and what to do to reduce frustration. UCLA psychologist Linda Ercoli, PhD empowers CAREgivers with a thorough explanation of the common causes of verbal and physically aggressive behavior in people with advancing dementia. Dr. Ercoli explains that aggression in people with dementia is […]

Does Talk Therapy Help Dementia?

At this year’s International Alzheimer’s Association International Conference (AAIC), the University of Exeter presented their findings from a large-scale trial for Goal-oriented Cognitive Rehabilitation. In the study, participants in early-stage Alzheimer’s or related dementia from eight care facilities in England and Wales partook of cognitive rehabilitation therapy. These participants showed significant improvement in cognitive abilities. […]

Why does music memory outlast most other memories?

For many with dementia, including Alzheimer’s, recalling the name of a loved one is often difficult, if not impossible. Yet this group can often recall the lyrics to many songs. Why does music memory outlast most other memories? According to research, the long-term memory that stores music still exists for people with dementia, and is […]

Dementia Starts in Childhood

The medical journal Lancet reports that at least 35% of seniors who suffer memory loss have exposures to harms as early as birth and that if we resolve these harms we can preserve independence and dignity for magnitudes of people. The Los Angeles Times published an article July 20, 2017, that proposes more than 1 in […]