About OPICA: Mission, Values, Who We Serve


OPICA’s mission is to:

  • provide compassionate and stimulating day care for adults impaired by dementia
  • support caregivers through counseling and respite;
  • offer education and resources that increase community understanding of memory disorders; and
  • through these programs, help our members continue to live at home.


Our values provide a frame of reference for making decisions that constantly seek to improve our service delivery to our members. They contribute daily to the general atmosphere of OPICA and guide us daily in our practice of public service to our community.

  • Compassionate Caring
  • Dependability
  • Dignity/Respect
  • Professionalism
  • Service

Who We Serve

In our adult day program, we primarily serve adults age 62 and older but also provide services to a younger adult who has the need for care and supervision if the needs are similar to the main population of participants. Click on the Program link and go to Day Program for more information.

OPICA offers Early Memory Loss (EML) programs for those diagnosed with EML or Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI).  Click on the Program link and go to Early Memory Loss for more information.

OPICA provides caregiver support through supportive discussion groups of care partner peers led by a licensed counselor.  Click on the Program link and go to Counseling for more information.

Individual counseling with marriage and family therapists is also available. Contact Anne Galbraith (ext. 20) or Emily Carvill (ext. 11) for more information.

OPICA is located in Stoner Park in West Los Angeles and primarily serves the community of West Los Angeles. Our programs are equal opportunity, open to all residents of Southern California.

Please note that some programs may have waiting lists.

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