OPICA Ladies’ Needlework Lounge

The OPICA Ladies’ Needlework Lounge held their first open house to show off their handiwork this December, just in time for the Holidays. Registered Art Therapist, Jessica Edelstein who facilitates the group shared, “The ladies gather joyfully together around the table every Friday, crafting and sharing stories as women have done for centuries, whether by quilting, […]

A Story of Love and Resilience 

Melissa and her Nana, Dottie, were always very close; Dottie was like a second mother to her. The oldest of three siblings, it was understood that Melissa would be the one to take care of their grandmother as she got older, a challenge from the beginning illustrated by a story that Melissa recounts. When, in […]

Exercise the Brain of Alzheimer’s Patients with Yoga and Meditation

While there is no cure for Alzheimer’s, research supports that yoga and meditation aid prevention of cognitive decline and for many improves symptoms of dementia.  This research also supports that participation in yoga and meditation provides socialization that helps Alzheimer’s and dementia patients improve their quality of life. Read the full article HERE. OPICA’s Brain […]

How Sensory Stimulation Helps Alzheimer’s Patients 

A common experience by people living with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia is the inability to initiate a task. Often, a person living with memory loss needs cues or direction to stimulate conversation or motivate them towards an activity. This lack of self-direction should not be mistaken for a lack of interest in engagement. […]

De-Stress Bath Time for Persons with Dementia

For clients with dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease, baths and showers can be upsetting for several reasons. Understanding common facts for dementia clients can arm CAREgivers with the ability to resolve fear, reduce frustration, and elevate safety for their loved one. Fact: Water is often scary for dementia clients, especially shower facets that extend from the […]

CAREgivers Deserve Our Support

Last year nearly 16 million CAREgivers provided more than 18 billion hours of unpaid care to loved ones with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia. According to the surveys collected in 2015, two-thirds of these CAREgivers are women, one-third of these are 65 years old or older. Being a CAREgiver is physically demanding, emotionally exhausting, […]

Soothing Frustration for People with Dementia

All of us, including those with dementia, have a desire to maintain control over our lives. For people with dementia, this desire becomes increasingly difficult to navigate and often leads to frustration and anger. As CAREgivers we have the potential to comfort frustration in our loved ones. Understanding a few facts about dementia will contribute […]

Happiness Is a State of Mind

The challenges of caring for someone with memory loss are constant, often depleting much of our energy. While research shows that self-care is necessary, most of us fail to actively seek opportunities to create moments of joy. We hope to encourage you to make a change! A moment that puts a smile on your face […]

80-year-old man lands record deal…

Did I mention that he has Alzheimer’s? Ted McDermott was recently signed to Decca Records when a shocking video of him singing in a car went viral. The video was recorded by his son Simon, who noticed that singing actually helped his father cope with his Alzheimer’s. McDermott, like most with Alzheimer’s, has his day-to-day […]