Can Brain Training Exercises Really Prevent Dementia?

According to the Time Magazine, it can. As part of their “100 New Scientific Discoveries of 2016” article, Time Magazine sheds light on a decade-long study that evaluated the impact of a brain training exercise on dementia. The ACTIVE  study is the largest study on cognitive training ever performed, with 2,832 participants aged 65 or […]

Using Art to Explain Alzheimer’s to Children

“Why Can’t Grandma Remember My Name?” is a book by Kent L. Karosen, CEO of the Fisher Center for Alzheimer s Research Foundation. In this 4 minute video, see how and why Karosen uses art produced by children alongside art produced by Alzheimer’s patients to explain Alzheimer’s disease to children in a digestible way. In addition to […]

Be Prepared for Wandering

Wandering away from home is a common behavior in people with dementia. See how this 15-Year-Old Invents a Sensor to protect his grandpa… In addition to alarm devices, take these proactive steps to safeguard your loved one and increase your peace of mind: Maintain a schedule of activities for your loved one, which significantly decreases […]

Alzheimer’s: Every Minute Counts

Alzheimer’s: Every Minute Counts is an informative documentary about the national threat posed by Alzheimer’s disease. While most people know about this disease, few are aware that Alzheimer’s is one of the most critical public health crises facing America. In one hour, the facts about social and economic impacts of Alzheimer’s are illuminated.  It will take us ALL […]

Mary Turned 101!

Everyone loves to celebrate a birthday – even those with serious dementia can enjoy it. Because some of our members have challenges with short-term memory we are almost certain they will quickly forget the “party.” At OPICA, our focus is joy, and we know that creating a simple celebration produces a positive and happy vibe […]

An Unreal Approach to Alzheimer’s Care

Hogewey, an amazing “village” on the outskirts of Amsterdam transports its residents back to the 1950s… literally.  In this faux city of manicured streets, there is a grocery, cafe, coffee shop, restaurant, beauty salon and barber shop. The 152 residents of Hogewey all have advanced dementia, and this faux village is a treatment facility that […]

Reliable Inspirational Support for Early Alzheimer’s

OPICA’s Brain Train for Early Memory Loss provides support for individuals experiencing mild cognitive decline, including early Alzheimer’s. This weekly four-hour program is designed to fortify memory and stimulate overall wellbeing. Program components are designed to help individuals find healthy ways to cope with their emotions, learn techniques to support memory, enhance creativity and provide […]

When Dementia Unlocks Creativity

When Dementia Unlocks Creativity

For most people with dementia, the desire to express thoughts and feelings remains active far longer than the ability to do so. Communication impairment is a common early concern in dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. At OPICA, we understand that art is a personal expression and that producing art helps people with dementia recognize that their […]

How Gratitude Makes Us Joyful

The University of California Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center (GGSC) has published many studies on the benefits of gratitude. They focus resources on uncovering the medical benefits of giving to charity or saying thank you. We are all better off understanding the ways gratitude can improve our life because the benefits are huge. One powerful […]

TimeSlips Creativity Journals

When memory loss separates us, we can bridge the gap by creating meaningful moments together. Imagination is inspired by this storytelling system that is specially designed for people with dementia and their families. The journal inspires a creative journey by providing images and questions to stimulate stories authored in collaborations full of joy and connection. […]